Rest in peace airbrush shirts - vidéo ici

Rest In Peace tribute t-shirt

Here I am airbrushing a phrase and applying an transfer to a t-shirt.

Atelier Meijer - airbrush of the Joker on a t-shirt

The legendary performance by Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace, in Batman the Dark Knight.

Chandas airbrushed t shirt

chandas t shirt for her father may he rest in peace. Graffiti like font and style. Made this video so the churz family can...

Rest in peace shirts

Vinny memorial2014.

Picture t shirts R.I.P

We make the worlds best shirts! Same Day Service! .

R.i.p t-shirts by studio x team

in three easy steps, you can place the order for your special t-shirt. 1) choose the color and the size. 2) provide us with the...

Airbrush: Washing Airbrushed Shirts

Using cold water and a mild detergent, learn how to wash airbrushed t-shirts in this free craft video about how to make an airbrushed shirt. Expert: Mike Royall...

Juse Airbrushing

Jimmy Squires airbrushing Rons Jeep (Rest in peace my friend, we will miss you.)

Back in the good old days, we had a lot of fun. Twenty years later and I can still smell the paint fumes.... B) I had to change some music on this one out, as the...

Airbrush shirt demo

This is a behind the scenes look into the creative process of airbrushing clothing. Painted by Max Elam.