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Counterpick - Yasuo (How to Counter)

Facts He is one of the most feared in soloQ but he has around 46 win rate. Quick tips: Assassins fall behind unless they get fed. Dont feed win (as always).

SKT T1 Faker Yasuo vs Zed - KR SoloQ

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Showdown) Yasuo Vs Zed 1v1 (League of legends)

This time I try to play yasuo!

SKT T1 Faker Zed vs Samsung Dade Yasuo Mid Challenger Korea

skt T1 Faker Zed vs Samsung Dade Yasuo Mid Challenger Korea Patch 4.15 league of legends gameplay zed 4.15 faker vs dade ranked challenger pro...

Yasuo Special Interactions With Riven,Master Yi And The Ninja Champions

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Como hacer counter a yasuo? guia s5 counters 7 yasuo counters league of legends espaol

abre la descripcion bueno ya sabes como ganarle a josue, y si ya lo sabias pues ahora lo sabes mas xd. Gracias por ver...

1vs1 MatchSKT T1 Faker Zed vs Yasuo - SAMSUNG dade, Round 1

Subscribe me Round 2: vs 1:1. Client Version: 4.10.

Bjergsen as Zed vs Yasuo Mid S5 Preseason Ranked Challenger Gameplay

Yasuo/Riven Theory Did You Know? - Ep 83 - League of Legends

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Yasuos Wind Wall (W Spell): What does it block? What doesnt it block?

Yasuo vs Yasuo AD Yasuo Solo Nashor: AP Yasuo Solo Nashor: ...