Dragon age inquisition relation sera - vidéo ici
Sera Romance - Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

The Wrath of Heaven - Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Part 1...

Dragon Age Inquisition: Sera/Elf Romance (Starting a relationship) HD

Talking to Sera and starting a formal relationship with her while being an elf, she doesnt like elves much but makes a special exception.:D.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Sera Relationship Banter

All of the companion banter for a Sera/Inquisitor romance, plus all Inquisitor responses and one that has the Inq interjecting. Blackwall 0:00 Cassandra: 1:15...

Dragon Age Inquisition: Flirting with Sera while in a relationship with Solas

Funny thing is I cant even break it off with Solas cause it can only be done during cutscenes (unlike everyone else lmao)

Dragon Age Inquisition marriage proposal (Sera romance)

Funny scene.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Sera Teases Dorian About Iron Bull

Sera gives Dorian a hard time about his relationship with Iron Bull.

Dragon Age: Inquisition All 8 Romance Options

Are you wondering who to romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition? Look no further! In this video well take a look at the 8 available love interests and their romantic...

Dragon Age Inquisition: Complete Sera/Dwarf Romance, aka. Twee Romance

Complete romance between (mostly) humorous dwarven Inquisitor and Sera. Enjoy!

Sera on the relationship between Blackwall and the Inquisitor

Party banter is fun! Romancing Blackwall is fun! Sera is... Fun! Enjoy this party banter including Sera and Blackwall talking about his relationship with the...

Dragon Age Inquisition Sera Relationship

Reaching the final parts of making it with Sera. Sharefactory